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Photo of tomato in kitchen
Photo of tomato in patio setting
Photo 3 of tomato in kitchen



Kitchen Minis tabletop vegetable plants provide home-grown flavor without a lot of work! Our compact tomato plants are designed to stay in the container in which you buy them and produce several handfuls of cherry-sized fruit for you to enjoy over a few weeks. Be sure to place your plant in a location with good light and keep it watered to allow the fruit to ripen. And add it to your monthly shopping list for the freshest, easiest tomatoes ever!

Tomato Siam

Tomato Siam

Siam’s delicious red cherry tomatoes have excellent flavor and texture to please any tomato-lover’s palate!

Tomato Red Velvet

New Tomato Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s beautiful red cherry tomatoes have a sweet flavor that’s perfect for salads and side dishes.

Tomato Cocoa

New Tomato Cocoa

Cocoa will brighten up your windowsill or patio table with unique, tasty burgundy fruit.

Tomato Micro Tom

Tomato Micro Tom

Micro Tom is the smallest plant of the bunch and produces sweet, bite-sized tomatoes that can be eaten fresh or sautéed and served over pasta.