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Sweet Pepper
Hot peppers
Hot peppers
Sweet peppers



Get the most flavor out of your recipes by adding your own home-grown Kitchen Minis™ peppers from your local store. These tidy little potted plants can be placed inside on a sunny windowsill or counter, or outside on a patio table in the sun. Just keep them watered and pick your peppers as they ripen to add a spicy kick or sweet crunch to your favorite dish.


Pepper Fresh Bites Orange

Bright orange, sweet peppers are great placed indoors or out, providing lots of colorful, tasty fruit.

Pepper Fresh Bites Red

Enjoy the taste of these red sweet peppers in salads and stir-fry, or eaten right off the plant!

Pepper Fresh Bites Yellow

These juicy sweet peppers add flavor when chopped up in a salad or grilled.


Pepper Cosmo

These brilliant purple, snack-sized peppers turn red when fully ripe, adding a medium amount of spice to classic recipes.

Heat Level: 2 of 5

Pepper Hot Burrito

Hot Burrito’s lime-green peppers ripen to bright red for a colorful display, and the mildly spicy taste is delicious when slow-cooked with braised meat.

Heat Level: 1 of 5

Pepper Hot Fajita

The long, tapered, lime-green-to-red peppers are fleshy and spicy – perfect for roasting.

Heat Level: 3 of 5

Pepper Hot Lemon Zest

Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous lemon-yellow color – these peppers pack a punch of heat for spicing up a salsa or hot sauce! Habanero type.

Heat Level: 5 of 5

Pepper Tamale

Jazz up your tamales and enchiladas with this crisp, juicy, thick-walled pepper that has a mild, spicy flavor.  Jalapeño type.

Heat Level: 2 of 5

Pepper Taquito

This pint-sized pepper plant is picture-perfect in a windowsill, with decorative, cone-shaped peppers that ripen from green to bright red.

Heat Level: 3 of 5